About The Production Team



Beyond author Michael Riddell, Getting Pumped! was created through the collaboration of many players:

Melissa Louis from Medtronic of Canada Ltd., who offered valuable feedback on the contents, and coordinated Medtronic’s support of the project. 

Tim Morawetz, principal of Glue Inc., who helped Michael with the initial organization of the book, edited its contents, creative-directed its design, and oversaw its French translation and printing. Sue MacGowan of Glue project-managed the guidebook’s production.

Frank Mazzuca and Rico Giovannini from MAZZUCA Design, Photography and Ideas Inc., who worked closely with Glue in developing the overall creative look for the guidebook and producing its final artwork.

Thierry Gaudet-Savard, a kinesiologist at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute, who completed the French translation of the guidebook.

Michelle Barrett from Aylmer Express Graphics Group, the company that printed the book.